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My name is Georgi Hristov. I was born in Bulgaria where I started playing soccer at the age of 10. I played professionally for  14 years. 8 of them in Europe and as some might know I was with my favorite Tampa Bay Rowdies for the last 6 seasons. My retirement came on my 34th birthday on 1/10/2019. I decided that it's time to share my ideas through my experience over the years. So why do I believe that futsal is great for the younger generation footballers? It's so much fun and incredibly beneficial as explained in the ABOUT section.

In my case futsal helped me start making quicker decisions. It improves everything a soccer player needs, quicker decisions, pass and move, positioning there are lots of shots and goals, but also lots of saves, and almost 3 times more touches of the ball than a regular soccer game. I would like to mention and make it clear for everyone. Although I do believe that it is important the goal is not taking away anything from all the great soccer clubs in Tampa Bay which I support unconditionally. But actually to add something that can help their players in a very natural way. Soccer is primary but believe me, Futsal is important. The summer here is great for futsal. It's offseason and it's way too hot to play outside. It means no heat, no rain we are indoor. We all know summertime in Florida. 

 Overall it's a great tool that helps them become better soccer players. I want to give them that tool so they can use it during their break. Let's give them something cool and effective to do in the summer. It is fun, fast, competitive, beneficial. It has helped the best players in the world!!! 


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