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Futsal is played between two teams of five players, one of whom is the goalkeeper. It's a form of indoor soccer, that is played on a hard court surface delimited by lines. Futsal is also played with a smaller ball with less bounce than a regular soccer ball due to the surface of the field. But what makes it so unique? It won't be a surprise if you go online and search for what benefited some of the best footballers in the world like Messi, Ronaldo, Xavi, Pele, Neymar when they were teenagers and even younger. Or have you asked yourselves why Brazilians are the best technically? It's Futsal. According to a FIFA report, “an average 40-minute futsal game, a player will touch the ball roughly every 29 seconds, or 80 touches.” Now compare that to a 90-minute outdoor soccer game where it’s only around 30-40 touches; that is more than double in just half the time. The game places considerable demand on technique, movement, and tactical awareness. And it is not just the technical side of it. The U.S. Futsal says that “futsal is, therefore, a great skill developer, and demands quick reflexes, fast-thinking, and pinpoint passing. The speed of play is such that you are forced to make quicker technical and tactical decisions.

As the balls have less bounce they tend to stay in play longer and promote close ball control. After playing in enclosed areas and learning to think and react quickly, players find when they play to the full game, they react well under pressure. It develops creativity; players are also constantly placed in demanding decision making situations which is a major reason why Futsal is one of the finest teachers of the quick pass and move. 

Slide tackles and excessive bodily contact is forbidden.  

Futsal quickly develops skills required for soccer: balance, motor ability, agility and coordination, ball mastery, accurate and quick passing and receiving, perception, insight, and awareness. Players learn through repetition and practice in a small area. This occurs naturally. 

It is exciting, many goals are scored, there are no offsides, you are allowed to substitute players (unlimited) on the fly while the game is being played, one of the reasons we recommend 8-10 players per team. Great for goalkeepers as there is constant work. Look up how David de Gea's futsal technique is changing goalkeeping!!! Futsal is fast and action-packed, fitness is improved while learning and having fun.

They all did it!

“Futsal is a necessity for young soccer players.  ”

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